Buenos Aires

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American Park

Nuñez Park

If you are looking for a green space in which to enjoy a moment outdoors we recommend visiting a park: Nunez has three ideal places to share a moment with your partner or your family. One is the Children's Park, located in Rio de la Plata... Ver más

Caesar Park

Posadas 1232

Located in the heart of one of the best neighborhoods of Buenos Aires - La Recoleta - The Caesar Park stands as a symbol of luxury and warmth, just minutes from the financial y. .. Ver más

Imperial Park Hotel

Lima 101 esq. Hipólito Yrigoyen

The Imperial Park Hotel is located in the city center, steps away from the traditional Av de Mayo and the Café Tortoni, the National Congress, the Obelisk, near the financial district and major attractions and facilities shopping malls. Ver más

Patrician Park Church

If you want to visit a church of Parque Patricio available to offer you a complete list of ways to enjoy religious tourism in this wonderful district of the province of Buenos Aires. One of these is the Chapel of Our Lady of Luján, located o... Ver más

Patrician Park Museum by

During his stay in the province of Buenos Aires can not fail to visit a museum in Parque Patricio, a neighborhood with a great offer historical, scientific, artistic and cultural. A highly recommended site to visit with the family is the Muse... Ver más

Features of Villa Park neighborhood

Among the main features of Villa Park neighborhood is its short history, because it is one of the newer neighborhoods of the city. It was originally named Happy City, around 1906, when it was founded, but some time later the name was changed ... Ver más

History in Patricios Park neighborhood

The story begins Patricios Park neighborhood from the urbanization of these lands, starting from these initial buildings began to take life in the late nineteenth century, from works that led to the War Arsenal, which was inaugurated in the y... Ver más

History of Villa Park neighborhood

The history of Villa Park neighborhood dates back to times when the area was characterized by semi-condition, characterized by the presence of fifths, alfalfa fields, brick kilns and animals of various species. The first fifth set in the regi... Ver más

Chas Park Buenos Aires

The name of Parque Chas, Buenos Aires, refers to the neighborhood's youngest federal capital, although this epithet had already been awarded, in 1976 he decided to take this category. The reestablishment of this neighborhood as one of the... Ver más

Lezama Park Buenos Aires

The Parque Lezama, Buenos Aires, is located in the traditional San Telmo neighborhood in the southern part of the federal capital. Their lands are bounded by the streets Defense, Brazil, Martin Garcíay Paseo Colón. The first of these arteri... Ver más

Coast Park Buenos Aires

The Parque de la Costa, Buenos Aires, is located a few minutes from the federal capital, in the city of Tigre (North). Its facilities comprise one of the most prestigious entertainment centers in Argentina and Latin America. The property is l... Ver más

Knowing Park Buenos Aires Patricios

A significant number of tourists from abroad can see that, knowing Patricios Park, Buenos Aires has its traditional side. This landmark federal district of the capital offers, in addition to its rich heritage, diverse public green spaces that... Ver más

Estadio Luna Park Buenos Aires

Luna Park Stadium, Buenos Aires, is an indoor complex which held sporting and artistic activities. Opened in 1931, has witnessed the most transcendental events of Twentieth Century: Acts of political, religious, major boxing matches, social g... Ver más

Paseo por barrio of Villa Park

We invite you to do a walk through the neighborhood of Villa Park to see the main tourist attractions in the area. Importantly, within the district other neighborhoods coexisted: one was Sahores Villa, located in a triangle located on Avenida... Ver más