Buenos Aires

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Casas Campo Cerca Capital

Pampas del Sur Hostería de Campo

Ruta 6 Km 58

Pampas Hostería South Field is located in Cañuelas, land of dreams, just 60 km from the city of Buenos Aires. The inn is surrounded by a fantastic natural environment, the pampas, which merges with the infinite sky Ver más

Mora Spa

Ruta 6 km 169,5 Open Door

Mora Spa. created a new space in San Ceferino Hotel de Campo & Spa. 1300m2 covered, surrounded by 130 hectares of our field, including 20 parquizadas with a beautiful lagoon. Ver más


Paraguay 450

In Retirement, one of the best links to the rest of the capital for its privileged location, is located WALDORF HOTEL. Surrounded by interesting entertainment and just minutes from the financial and political BUENOS AIRES. Ver más

Where to buy in Buenos Aires

To enjoy your holiday in the federal capital is necessary to consider the best choice when choosing where to shop in Buenos Aires. Given the wide variety of tours and galleries of the city, following is a brief list of the most suitable sites. Ver más

Reino del Plata Hotel Boutique

Hipólito Yrigoyen 647

Conveniently situated in the historical center, this boutique hotel offers all the elegance, good taste and care details, stands out for its studied simplicity, as an oasis in the heart of the capital. Ver más

Subway or metro Buenos Aires

The subway or underground Buenos Aires is the fastest means of transport, frequent (every 4 minutes) and secure the city, besides being one of the most economical. The communication between the various sectors of the capital is optimal but ma... Ver más

BA City

Besares 1840

Run by the owners, it offers comfort, tranquility and security in the capital, bright rooms with ensuite bathroom and sommiers bed, TV, internet (wi fi) garden and solarium. Ver más

Attractions in San Telmo Buenos Aires

Most of the tourist attractions of San Telmo, Buenos Aires, enhancing their value following the restoration went through the neighborhood in the early 1970s. In that time, its rich architectural ruins, began as a seal within this culture area... Ver más

Estancia La Posesiva

Ruta Nac. 193, km 15,5

Located at the northern tip of the Lord's Chapel, just 100km from Capital Federal, we were summoned to their visitors by providing the comfort and welfare of their environments and services, combining the style of colonial architecture and ru... Ver más

Theaters in Buenos Aires

The theaters of Buenos Aires offers a wide variety of scenarios that are home to various performing arts. From musical performances to famous dramatic works, these places have a great career that ranks among the most emblematic of the federal... Ver más

Tourist Bus in Buenos Aires

Besides the classic means of transport operating in the federal capital, there is a tourist bus service in Buenos Aires which is of great interest to foreigners. Through this vehicle, the main attractions of the city are presented in a comfor... Ver más

Sightseeing in Buenos Aires

When choosing what to visit in Buenos Aires, the city offers an exciting variety of rides and attractions. Each area of the capital has its own personality, distinctive fisonomíay that make a particular site. Here we provide a number of prop... Ver más

Casino Puerto Madero Buenos Aires

The Casino of Puerto Madero, Buenos Aires, is located on the banks of the River Plaza. Its structure is that of an old boat Mississippi and has a capacity of about 2500 people. Given the ban on casinos facility that exists in the federal capi... Ver más

Carnival celebrations in Buenos Aires

The celebrations of Carnival in Buenos Aires for the participation of several groups from different districts of the federal capital. Year after year, these \ "murgas \" meet every weekend in February, the month in which occurs this iconic ce... Ver más

Old Buenos Aires Cafe

Besides the traditional attractions found in the federal capital, there are different areas of interest which attract the attention of visitors to the city. In this context, it is striking the existence of an old café in Buenos Aires, as the... Ver más

Rock Festival Buenos Aires

Year after year, young people across the country will move into the federal capital to enjoy an event that gathers the best bands of the moment. Rock Festival in Buenos Aires has become an emblem within the city, especially thanks to the pres... Ver más

Buenos Aires Historical Buildings

Through a tour of the historic buildings of Buenos Aires, you will find at the pleasant experience of meeting different spaces that were key in the constitution of our Argentina. In addition to the buildings around the Plaza de Mayo, there ar... Ver más