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Flechabus is a major passenger long distance with a long history in the area. From its beginnings as a premise keeps offering the highest quality service, placing at its disposal a large fleet of modern units, equipped with the latest technology, always thinking of meeting every need of travelers.

Flechabus is a leading passenger long distance with a long career in the field. Since its inception premise remains offer a top quality service, by providing them with a large fleet of modern cars equipped with the latest technology, always aiming to satisfy every traveler's needs.
Using the excellent facilities Flechabus has to offer you get access to all major cities of Argentina, with the exception of the provinces of Chubut, Santa Cruz and Tierra del Fuego. In addition, through its benefits you can arrive in many cities in the neighboring countries of Bolivia, Brazil, Uruguay and Paraguay with the comfort and security that characterizes the company.
Flechabus offers its extensive fleet of vehicles fully equipped with the latest technology, providing maximum comfort while traveling. The company offers the following services for you:
- Suite Premium aboard generation units you can enjoy the convenience of the executive, plus enjoy the bar and catering service premium. The auxiliary equipment on board will be at your disposal to meet each of their requirements. For your wellbeing each seat has individual dividers, blankets, curtains, pillows and spacious reclining seats that allow you to 180 º.
- Bed Service: This service offers you reach a new line of double seats and a simple, wide seats and more space between seats. In this way, you can position your seat horizontally, giving you the comfort you are looking for your trip.
- Semicama Service: On units with double floor, with two rows of double seats. You can deploy the tray to rest their legs and rest his back with comidad, since the distance between seats is roomy.
Each of the units comprising the Flechabus fleet has air conditioning, heating, bathroom, bar service, audio-dvd, LCD monitors and reclining seats for your comfort.
In addition, Flechabus offers special services regional, national and international special trips designed for customers who need to hire our next-generation units for medium and long travel distance, either with business purposes, events, conferences and conventions or tourism purposes.
To access the different services offered Flechabus can approach their various outlets in Terminal Retiro Terminal La Noria, Liniers Terminal, Terminal The Reason, Crossing Florencio Varela, Terminal Shopping Salto and Paysandu.
For your convenience, Flechabus lets you take out to buy their tickets and make inquiries through telephone number.
Flechabus Phone: 011 4000-5200.