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Horarios Omnibus desde Plata Retiro

Churches for Retiro

We invite you to take a tour of the main churches Retiro, where you'll find many sites for religious tourism and appreciate some of the architectural wonders that this area has to offer in the province of Buenos Aires. Among the most popu... Ver más

Tour Retiro

Making a tour of the Retiro will discover the myriad attractions offered by this area of the province of Buenos Aires: start with the San Martin Palace, an icon of architecture in the region. It is located on Calle Arenales to 761 and was des... Ver más

Restaurants in Retiro

If you are looking for the best restaurants in the Retiro neighborhood we have many recommendations to make: one is Irifune, located in Paraguay street at 436, where lovers of Japanese cuisine can enjoy a full range of delicacies, such as sas... Ver más

Buenos Aires Retiro Station

Retiro Station, Buenos Aires, refers to three railway stations are located at Avenida Ramos Mejía, in the traditional district of Retiro. However, many people tend to group the three spaces in one. From this perspective, Retiro pasaríaa mem... Ver más

Alma del Plata

Santiago del Estero 727, san telmo, buenos aires

At the intersection of Santiago del Estero and Chile, located in the historic neighborhood of Montserrat, is Hotel Alma del Plata Buenos Aires. Ver más

Reino del Plata Hotel Boutique

Hipólito Yrigoyen 647

Conveniently situated in the historical center, this boutique hotel offers all the elegance, good taste and care details, stands out for its studied simplicity, as an oasis in the heart of the capital. Ver más

Albums bars and theaters in Retirement

When the evening enjoy nothing better to do a tour of discos, bars and theaters in Retreat, where you will find nightly entertainment and all alternatives for all tastes and all ages. Among the most important clubs Cattos are located in Suipa... Ver más

Retirement Parks

Retirement green spaces offer a place to rest, take fresh air and share pleasant moments with his family, partner or friends. Among the major public sites stands at Plaza Libertad, located between the streets Cerrito, Marcelo Torcuato de Alve... Ver más

Torre de los Ingleses de Buenos Aires

La Torre de los Ingleses of Buenos Aires is a monument located in Retiro, one of the most important of the federal capital. The architectural work is located opposite the Plaza Outside Air in the intersection of Del Libertador San Martiny. Th... Ver más

Plaza San Martín Buenos Aires

The Plaza San Martín, Buenos Aires, is located between the heart of the city and the Retiro station. Besides being a public space to which any resident or tourist can access year after year their fields are selected for the development of va... Ver más

Hotel Riviera

Belgrano 2118, Mar del Plata

Conveniently situated in the incredible city of Mar del Plata, the Hotel Riviera offers oceanfront accommodations and a few meters from the Mall. Ver más

Hotel Costa Galana

Peralta Ramos 5725, mar del plata

Costa Galana Hotel is a luxurious 5-star is located oceanfront in the more aristocratic coast of Mar del Plata, Playa Grande Bay. This exclusive and refined it will enjoy the charm of an unforgettable landscape. Ver más

Bars and restaurants in Puerto Madero

Situated on the banks of the Rio de La Plata, bars and restaurants in Puerto Madero offers a cozy atmosphere. Gathered in a modern, more than 40 first-class premises, which feature a unique menu of various preparations: barbecue, fish, pasta ... Ver más

Buenos Aires Cafes emblematic

The federal capital offers a unique environment within the country. Each place has an air of Buenos Aires tango and tradition that characterizes the banks of the Rio de la Plata. Like other sectors of the city, the cafés of Buenos Aires are ... Ver más

River Plate Buenos Aires

The Rio de La Plata, Buenos Aires, is the Atlantic Ocean flows into the stream formed by the union of the Uruguay and Parana rivers. Its flow works as a natural border between the Eastern Republic of Uruguay and Argentina. Martin Garcia Islan... Ver más

Buenos Aires Tigre Delta

A few minutes from the heart of Buenos Aires is located one of the most exclusive tourist areas in the region: the Delta del Tigre. Buenos Aires is along the banks of the Río de la Plata different ways to enjoy life outdoors. However, in the... Ver más