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Nogaro Cordoba

Cordoba 860

Av. Cordoba 860

Cordova 860 suites offers the possibility to make the best location in Buenos Aires in the privacy and comfort of modern suites. Ver más

Barrio San Nicolas

The San Nicolas is one of the busiest in the city of Buenos Aires, and because it is the nucleus of different activities in the province, is known as \ "center \". This is why it is often called in this way to the neighborhood and neglects hi... Ver más

Barrio Villa Crespo

The barrio Villa Crespo is one of the largest in the province of Buenos Aires, full of history and marked by the presence of the tango, the tenements and the large number of immigrants, mainly from the Jewish community, who arrived in these l... Ver más

History at the Versailles neighborhood

The story in the Versailles neighborhood had its beginnings more than two centuries ago when the region occupied by what is now the neighborhood was called Monte Castro, owned by Pedro Fernandez Castro. Arriving late eighteenth century a larg... Ver más

Velez Sarsfield in district history

To know the history Velez Sarsfield neighborhood begin recounting the origin of its name: the name of this area of Buenos Aires is a tribute to Dalmacio Vélez Sársfield jurist, born in Amboy, Province of Cordoba, 18 February 1800 and died o... Ver más

Chacarita Tour

During his tenure in the province of Buenos Aires we recommend take a tour of Chacarita, where you'll find a variety of alternatives when looking for entertainment and fun for all ages and all tastes. An option to have a good time is to g... Ver más

Historia del barrio de San Cristobal

The history of the San Cristobal district goes back to the days when Juan de Garay founded the city of Buenos Aires, half a century later the attempt to Mendoza. Thus the city lay in rectangular form for the region comprising what is now Aren... Ver más

Companies in Recoleta

The various theaters in Recoleta invite you to enjoy an intense theatrical activity, with options for every taste: from classics of universal theater, through trade shows, musical and tango show, to the best of the alternatives independent or... Ver más

Nueva Chevallier

With over 60 years of experience and professionalism, Chevallier was one of the most distinguished companies in land transport of passengers of the Republic Argentina. In July 2000 a New Chevallier born with the aim of forming a company to gi... Ver más

Colegiales Museum Quarter

If you want to know a wonderful museum district Colegiales invite you to visit Anconetani Accordion Museum, located on Calle Guevara at 492, Maure corner. This cultural space was inaugurated on 18 November 2005 and presents a comprehensive co... Ver más

Galerias Pacifico Buenos Aires

For its architectural expression, Galerias Pacifico, Buenos Aires, can be considered one of the most elegant shopping centers in Buenos Aires. In the central dome you can see large murals of Spilimbergo (\ "The domain of natural forces \"), C... Ver más

Buenos Aires Center

Within the heart of the federal capital is the most international hotels, bank branches and a wide variety of cultural, shopping and entertainment. Because of its tourist importance, one of its main attractions is the Calle Florida, a pedestr... Ver más

Albums bars and theaters in Retirement

When the evening enjoy nothing better to do a tour of discos, bars and theaters in Retreat, where you will find nightly entertainment and all alternatives for all tastes and all ages. Among the most important clubs Cattos are located in Suipa... Ver más

Plaza by Colegiales

If you want to enjoy an outdoor time with your partner or your family you are advised to visit a place for Colegiales: in the neighborhood are six such parks, with a variety of trees and benches for resting. Many of them have playgrounds and ... Ver más

Buenos Aires Casinos

It is a floating casino, located in an old-type ship Mississippi. Its facilities can accommodate over 2,500 people in an area of 2700 square meters. It has 600 machines and 100 gaming tables, with roulette, poker, Blackjack, Punto Banco, amon... Ver más

Condor Estrella

The Star Condor is a company with over 70 years of experience in the service of transporting passengers, giving travelers a first class service and a warm attention in each his travels. Pursuing this goal is that the company is continually up... Ver más

History of Monte Castro neighborhood

The history of Monte Castro district back to the early eighteenth century, more precisely in mid 1703, when Don Pedro Fernandez de Castro was honored with this land. Some months later, on 18 July of that year, Fernandez de Castro dies, leavin... Ver más