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Turismo Puerto Madero

Architecture Puerto Madero

For architecture buffs Puerto Madero has a large number of constructions of a particular style and beauty, that lovers of this discipline can not miss. One of them is the Fountain of the Nereids, located on the street Tristán Achaval Rodríg... Ver más

Tourism Puerto Madero

For lovers of tourism Puerto Madero offers a variety of options to make the most of his tenure in the Province of Buenos Aires, with options for all tastes ranging from architectural monuments, recreation centers and diversity n, restaurants ... Ver más

History Puerto Madero

Throughout history Puerto Madero has been a clear example of how a proper urban planning and much effort and hard work by neighbors discharge results in the creation of one of the most important areas of the Province of Buenos Aires. Thus thi... Ver más

Entertainment in Puerto Madero

For those seeking entertainment in Puerto Madero, we recommend a series of choices for all tastes and all ages. The first alternative is the Natural Park and Costanera Sur Ecological Reserve, located on Avenida Dr. Tristán Achaval Rodríguez... Ver más

Bars Puerto Madero

If you are looking for the best bars, Puerto Madero is your neighborhood: This area of the Province of Buenos Aires you will find numerous options when making a drink with friends and share a snack, or enjoy some delicious food . An excellent... Ver más

Disco Puerto Madero

If you want to spend an unforgettable night in a disco, Puerto Madero offers different options to reach everyone. One is Acqua Lounge Club, located at 305 Calle Juana Manso. This is a unique space designed for lovers of electronic music with ... Ver más

Restaurant Puerto Madero

If you want to enjoy lunch or dinner at an exclusive restaurant, Puerto Madero offers a lot of class options. Embrujo One is located at street Alicia M. Right of 176, will encounter an atmosphere distinguished by its modern, with a quiet atmo... Ver más

Religious tourism in Puerto Madero

While religious tourism options for Puerto Madero are scarce, can not fail to visit the Church of Our Lady of Hope during its passage through this wonderful neighborhood of Buenos Aires. This is a modern church, located on the street Aime Pai... Ver más

Ecological Reserve in Puerto Madero

Buenos Aires is one of the world's largest metropolis. Within its territory there are different ways to enjoy a comfortable stay in the city. In this context, Puerto Madero emerged as one of the finest areas of town, and is known for its ... Ver más

Bars and restaurants in Puerto Madero

Situated on the banks of the Rio de La Plata, bars and restaurants in Puerto Madero offers a cozy atmosphere. Gathered in a modern, more than 40 first-class premises, which feature a unique menu of various preparations: barbecue, fish, pasta ... Ver más

Holiday Inn Express Puerto Madero

Av. Leandro N. Alem 770

Located in the heart of Buenos Aires is the Holiday Inn Express Puerto Madero, just meters from one of the most beautiful and exciting city: Puerto Madero. The hotel offers all the comfort, service and attention they seek to enjoy passing thr... Ver más

Casino Puerto Madero Buenos Aires

The Casino of Puerto Madero, Buenos Aires, is located on the banks of the River Plaza. Its structure is that of an old boat Mississippi and has a capacity of about 2500 people. Given the ban on casinos facility that exists in the federal capi... Ver más

Hotel Madero

Rosario Vera Peñaloza 360 - Dique 2 - Puerto Madero

Defining a style of urban and contemporary comfort, Hotel Madero (ex Madero by Sofitel) is located in Puerto Madero Este. Ver más

Madero Tango

Alicia M. de Justo y Brasil - Dique 1 - Puerto Madero

MADERO TANGO links the theatrical experience, with the best restaurants in Puerto Madero. You will enjoy a night with all the senses. Ver más

Puerto Limón

Chacabuco 1080

Puerto Limon is a new hostel in the heart San Telmo, Buenos Aires. A 2 blocks away from Plaza Dorrego and 10 minutes walk from the major tourist attractions. Ver más

Puerto de Buenos Aires

The port of Buenos Aires is the main platform which is Argentina. Managed by the General Administration of Ports Company of the State, there get loads of different sectors of the country to be shipped to various regions, and vice versa. Ver más